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Leading digital marketing, business development, and high growth strategies for B2B and e-commerce.

True Transformation Is Achieved Outside The Box
What We Do

With our proven process we help you:

  • Build an intimate bond with your perfect prospects – so they know you and trust your offer/product/skills.
  • Define what, when and where to communicate with them – to move them from prospect, to client, to advocate and ambassador.
  • Create the perfect packaging and presentation of your offers – to optimize your customer lifetime value.

Let’s talk about it!

Do you need a presentation for your network, event, or business? We speak on a range of topics.
From the strategic:

  • Modern Digital Marketing and Business Growth
  • Digital OmniPresence – Become The Chosen One
  • Win-Win! – Define Your Customer Success Journey
  • The Power of Business Storytelling

To the nitty gritty technical deep dives:

  • Modern Search Engine Optimization – SEO Is Dead, Long Live SEO
  • Systematic Paid Advertising – How to start, test, and optimize paid campaigns for maximum ROI
  • Effective Multi Channel Content Production

Let’s talk about it!

We do managed WordPress & WooCommerce websites and hosting as a part of our client packages.
We specialize in:

  • High performing websites and e-commerce.
  • Enterprise hosting and security.
  • High availability solutions.

Let’s talk about it!

We produce and publish tips, guides, and live video on digital marketing and business growth.

This is primarily released in our free-to-join Facebook group “Secret Digital Growth Club“. Click the link to learn more.

Be the Hero / Rebel / Role Model
This Is Us

Anders Eastgrove Östlund

Founder & CEO
Full Stack Digital Marketing
High Growth Strategies
Business Storytelling
Speaking & Coaching

Loella Mårtensson

Coach & HR
Branding & Positioning
Group Dynamics
Speaking & Coaching


Head of Play & Regular Walks
Taking Care Of Humans
The Secret Club You Have Been Looking For
Do you want to truly grow your business?

Join The
Secret Digital
Growth Club

(Free Facebook group, amazing knowledge)

The Secret Digital Growth Club is a free Facebook group for business founders, leaders and marketers. This is the secret club you have been looking for. In the group you can:

  • Network with your peers
  • Post questions about digital marketing / business growth
  • Get current world class training from us at Secret Digital
  • Get fantastic support from us and the SDGC tribe
  • Post about your success
  • See exclusive interviews with international top business leaders and marketers
Let's Make A Map Together

Let's Talk

Let’s have a talk about how your digital presence could be improved to achieve more targeted visitors, more leads/customers/clients, and more profit per existing customer/client. Or Customer Value Optimization for short.

How would your custom map look? For you, your customers/clients, and your business. When your map is done and we have found the X, how large will your treasure chest be? Let’s find out!

We’re also open to suggestions if you want a speaker/presentation at your event, and doing courses/workshops/full day business development intensives with the right businesses.

Have a fantastic day,

"The key to success is to give transformational results and fantastic support. That's what we do. Our work and success is based on transparency, integrity, and the success of our clients."
Anders Eastgrove Östlund
Founder & CEO, Secret Digital
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